These issues are interconnected. People with good jobs live in stable homes. People with stable housing do well in school. People who do well in school get the best jobs.

I will work to end inequality and inequity in these three areas.


We will provide high quality and affordable public education for all.

  • I support educators to ensure that our teachers are fairly compensated and able to support themselves and their families without needing to shift their focus from our children to multiple jobs.
  • Recognizing that educators deserve fair contracts, I will facilitate support for productive and nurturing learning environments that incorporate behavior health initiatives for the safety and wellbeing of both faculty and students alike.
  • Supporting initiatives that incorporate the understanding that students are better able to focus on learning when their basic needs are met through meal assistance programs is one of my priorities.
  • I will diligently work to uplift our most disadvantaged students for equal opportunities in recognition that all children are tomorrow's community leaders.


Our economy must work for all of us.

  • My focus is that everyone deserves fair compensation for the work they do and contributes to their employer’s mission.
  • With the goal of everyone achieving the desired outcome of obtaining one job that is enough to provide for their needs, I will support individuals, children and families.
  • I am dedicated to North Dakotans with the recognition that we all deserve dignity at our jobs and we must pass strong worker protections that also protect our employers and our conducive relationships.
  • My dedication is toward the understanding that our jobs should be safe while supporting the organization’s interests at the same time.


We will strengthen our communities and families through safe, fair, and affordable housing.

  • I support fair and affordable housing opportunities for all.
  • Understanding that a person’s home provides the foundation for the other aspects of their lives, I will work closely with all stakeholders to address the disproportionate housing crisis and provide solutions that meet North Dakota’s needs.
  • North Dakotans are in need of incentives and opportunities to obtain the American Dream of home ownership, and I will strive to obtain that goal with you.